Fortnite New 14 Days of Summer

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fortnite 14 dyas of summer

Fortnite  has announced the new 14 days of summer

In Battle Royale, each day will include:

A weapon unvaulted for 24 hours only .
A new LTM to play (check out the full LTM selection that will debut below).
A daily challenge and a free reward.
New outfits and more in the shop of objects.

Sun is having fun, have fun in the Creative too! Jump every day to a new featured island.

Also in Save the World, complete a new quest each day to help Homebase organize the best summer party and win summer gifts in the store. Complete the quests to win loads of summer tickets; complete the 14 to unlock a new explosive weapon!


Catch yourself on the battle bus!


14-day limited time modes (the order below is random and does not indicate the order in which the MTL will publish in the game)


Heavy Metal Squads
In this mode, only “heavy” weapon variants can be found in chests. Get your load and get into the fight!


Mode  Details:


Only heavy weapons on behalf
Faster metal cultivation rate
Faster storm time


Storm Chasers: Surfin ‘(squads)
Surf the waves and try to stay afloat, who will be the best?


Mode Details:


Everyone deploys on a vehicle at the beginning of the game
Impulses will be in your inventory during the match
The last man standing wins


Splashdown squads
Simple summer fun, try to eliminate opponents with the water balloons item.


Mode Details:


Respawns on
Will be mainly able to damage people with the new water balloon object
First to the goal score wins


Power Solos
Become the most powerful player in the game. Consume as many shields as you can and fight to stay last.


Mode Details:


Respawn lit at first, but turns off after a determined time
The maximum number of shields increases each time you consume them.
Shield decreases considerably
Shields will fill completely when repaving is disabled


Leave nothing behind the duos
United  you are strong but divided you fall. Do not leave behind!


Mode Details:


Slurp effect still active as long as no teammate is on the ground
If a teammate is shot down, he becomes insensitive to the damage
While a teammate is shot down, all other teammates lose their breath and begin to suffer damage over time

Use with caution Duos
Resources are scarce in this mode so be sure to place builds efficiently!

Mode Details:

Appear with an initial amount of building materials
Can not get new resources during the match
The last standing wins


Duos of heads
Take your time and be careful with your shots, and whoever has the best goal wins.

Mode Details:

Can only deal damage with head shots
All  shotguns removed

Tank Battle Squads
A simple rotation on the normal BR that significantly improves health and protects players with whom to start.

Mode Details:

Siphon lit and raised to match better health
Ammo increased
No healing object

Builders squads paradise
A paradise for builders who want to use their skills and develop their content.

Mode Details:

Health structure greatly increased
Resource collection rates have increased
Neutral mount enabled (anyone can edit any wall built by a player)

Wick’s Bounty Duets
Wick’s Bounty is back! Eliminate the other players to collect the pieces of other players to prove that you are the best in the business world.

Mode Details:

Spawn in with weapons and 3 lives
Hunt and eliminate high-value targets as they appear on the map
First in goal scored wins

Arsenal (Solos)
Affirm your dominance with a variety of different weapons. Who is the best, with the worst … is the best ?!

Mode Details:

Start each game with some of the best weapons in the game
The elimination of other players aggravates your weapons
The first to have an elimination with the final weapon wins

Rumble Squads
A new version of the classic Team Rumble. This time, the stakes are higher and you have fewer friends to rely on.

Mode Details:

Respawning is turned on
Green or better weapons
First goal scored wins

Loadout Swap Squads
Show how fast you can adapt to the rapidly changing world. On a set timer, all players participating in the match will be assigned the same random load.

Mode Details:

New load tuned to a timer
Respawn is on
First goal scored wins

Strategic Structures Squads
Think before placing this twist on a normal building. What material should you use?

Mode Details:

The health of metal and stone structures has increased
Metal and stone resource farming increased
Metal and stone hoods lowered