Fortnite All 5 Spray Can locations: Here is the 5 lost spray cans

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Spray can locations are part of the Spray and Pray challenges,

the spraycans can be found in different areas around the map and you will only need to find five in order to complete the challenge. We have created a map to show where eight of the Spraycans can be found.

The challenge involves finding 5 spray cans located around the map. Each one is indicated by nearby graffiti art, with the spray can itself on the floor close by.



Southwest of Pressure Plant Spray Can Location

This spray can can be found at the end of the lava, southwest of the Pressure Plant. You will see graffiti on the top of the tunnel and if you go behind the pillar in the tunnel, you will find the spray can.

Shifty Shafts Spray Can Location

 inside the mine shaft, smash through a wall into a secret room and grab that spray can from one of the room’s corners.

The Rock Umbrella Spray Can Location

between the Block and Loot Lake. Find the graffiti at the “bottom” of the umbrella. Very nearby, you’ll see a broken barrier with a “Stop” sign. Go inside and find the spray can in a corner by a stack of barrels.

Junk Junction Spray Can Location

This spray can can be found north of the POI, by a pile of scrap. You will see the graffiti on the hill outside of the scrapyard, but the spray can is just inside.

Frozen Waterfall Under Viking Village spray can location

This spray can can be found at the tree directly opposite the frozen waterfall south of the Viking Ship. It is on ice, so you will need to be careful as you will be sliding around.

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