fortnite the end seasonx x event
fortnite the end seasonx x event

Fortnite Big Season-Ending Event : GOODBYE SEASON X

Fortnite Big Season-Ending Event : GOODBYE SEASON X

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If you are reading this article, that means you’ve been playing Fortnite recently and you’ve probably seen a countdown timer, indicating the start of the live event which will end Season 10 (X).

The current season of Fortnite is almost over. It will end today 13 October at 7pm BST. Here is everything you need to know about it.

‘The End’ or ‘The Final Reckoning’ is set to take place today at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT. It should last just a few minutes. All players are going to be guided into a special entrance known as “The end” within the hour before the start time, there will be a ten minute warning and a one minute warning before the event starts. Players won’t be able to shoot at one another two minutes before the event.

Player movement and actions are going to be restricted to permit fans to watch the rocket launch happen. As long as you provide yourself some of additional time to get ready, and Epic’s servers do not crash because of the burden of traffic, interested parties ought to be ready to witness everything as it happens. In the event, technical difficulties might be encountered, Epic may offer additional viewing opportunities once the festivities have finished.

The live event will surely introduce much more change as leaks suggest a huge rebuild. Obviously Apple uploaded the first Season 11 image too early to the App Store, it says something about “Chapter 2” of Fortnite and we’re plainly spotting a new map!

Here’s the timing for the Season X event that will be held today :
🇵🇰 11pm
🇺🇸 11 AM (PT) 2 PM (ET)
🇧🇷 3 PM
🇬🇧 7 PM
🇩🇪 8 PM
🇷🇺 9 PM
🇦🇪 10 PM
🇸🇬 2 AM
🇯🇵 3 AM
🇦🇺 5 AM
🇳🇿 7 AM
🇮🇳 11:30 PM

Of course, nothing is sure. We don’t know what’s going to happen until 7pm BST. Very exciting!


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